Meet our 2024 Exhibitors

The GESGB and SEAPEX cannot wait to welcome you  to the Asia Pacific 2024 exhibition show floor!

We’ll be joined by a variety of industry operators, service companies and professional organisations over the 2 days. Open throughout the event, you’ll have lots of opportunities to connect with our exhibitors around the technical sessions. All of our exhibitor are looking forward to meeting you – so make sure you pop along to their stands and say ‘hi’!

In the meantime, take a look at who you can expect to see in London at Asia Pacific 2024:


Bell Geospace

Bell Geospace specialises in acquiring Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) and magnetic data through airborne surveys. Our clients use this data to assess natural resource potential. A significant portion of Bell Geospace recent surveys has been conducted in the Asia-Pacific region for Government and proprietary projects. Learn more at the show!

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 Stand Number 20

Canesis Data

Canesis Data is focussed on producing an expanding portfolio of non-exclusive, workstation-ready seismic and well data packages derived from legacy data. Our emphasis is on high-quality product at a cost-effective price. Data is available from a broad range of countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

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Stand Number 15

Department of Energy (DOE) – Republic of the Philippines

The Department of Energy (DOE) prepares, integrates, and controls all plans, programs, and projects of the Philippine Government relative to energy exploration, development, utilization, distribution, and conservation. It continuously promotes, among others, the development of indigenous petroleum and other alternative energy resources to support the country’s goals towards energy transition.

Stand Number 16


EIFGEOSOLUTIONS (EIF) is entirely cloud based seismic data processing and imaging company, offering the high end imaging solutions at low cost and fast turn arounds, EIF has processed several seismic datasets in the ASIA PACIFIC.

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Stand Number 12

Elixir Energy

Elixir Energy Limited (ASX: EXR) is an ASX listed gas exploration and development company. Elixir’s main project – Queensland Gas – In August 2022, Elixir Energy acquired a 100% interest in petroleum exploration permit ATP 2044 in Queensland, via the acquisition of special purpose vehicle EnergyCapture Pty Ltd (now named the Grandis gas Project).

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Stand Number 7


Discover the power of Enverus Global Explorer, the ultimate solution for accurate and timely energy intelligence on projects and opportunities across Asia and around the world. We have a dedicated team of 50+ global expert scouts who cut through the noise, providing you with actionable insights and fully verified data, ensuring you uncover the true “story behind the story.” Let Global Scout transform your decision-making process.

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Stand Number 11


Envoi is a specialist independent A&D advisory group based in London, which assists oil and gas companies facilitate the buying and selling of international upstream energy opportunities. Services include the marketing and management of farmouts & production sales, and an ‘eyes and ears’ service to help clients identify new international opportunities.

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Stand Number 14

GeoScience Wales

Geoscience Wales Limited ( GWL ) is a not-for-profit company, with objectives to promote the geoscience businesses of our Associate members through marketing their geoscience expertise and services in the broader commercial marketplace. GWL also provide networking and educational opportunities through regular Cluster meetings and seminars. Our Associates have extensive global experience in very many aspects of all the geosciences.

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Enterprise Stand A

Meaningful Petrophysics

Geoscience consulting, training and software development. The Meaningful Petrophysics software platform is used for the majority of our consulting projects, with all vintages of wireline and LWD log data. It is easily updatable and can be tailored to user requirements including any proprietary computations needed.

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Stand Number 4


Metatek, one of the world’s leading Potential Field service providers, was formed in 2012 by a group of highly experienced geoscientists to provide airborne and land acquisition, processing, and interpretation services. Metatek provides services to the petroleum, renewables, mining and environmental sectors in the airborne, land and marine environments.

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Stand Number 18

Moyes & Co

Moyes is an upstream investment group based in Dallas with offices in Houston, London, and Singapore. With a combination of technical evaluation and transaction management expertise, Moyes is uniquely positioned to help upstream oil and gas companies identify opportunities, value assets, develop business plans, secure funding, negotiate contracts.

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Stand Number 19


PetroStrat is a leading provider of integrated geoscience services, delivering best in class geological subsurface solutions to the energy industry. Specialising in biostratigraphy and sedimentology, we bring together the data, analytical services and world leading expertise under one roof to deliver the science that underpins and de-risks subsurface modelling.

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Stand Number 10


PGS is a global geophysical company that gathers offshore survey data and uses vast cloud compute to image the earth. Geophysics is a key enabler for energy security and energy transition. We support the search for affordable and sustainable energy for all. In collaboration with industry, society, and authorities, PGS advances marine subsurface knowledge for evolving energy needs.

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Stand Number 17


Realtimeseismic is an agile geophysics service provider excelling in both Oil & Gas and Green applications (storage, geothermal, strategic minerals). Renowned for high-end quality, Realtimeseismic offers survey planning, in-field operations management, seismic processing, VSP planning and processing (standard and DAS), micro/passive seismic, and collaborative joint R&D, all within fast timelines and customized budgets.

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Stand Number 21

Sharp Reflections

Sharp Reflections was built on a bold idea—introducing interpretive processing to seismic data analysis. Sharp Reflections software, powered by a high-performance computing engine, provides fast and painless access to enormous volumes of processed data. Users are empowered to extract detailed reservoir insight, make trustable drilling decisions and optimize production.

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Stand Number 13


Shearwater is a global marine geoscience business, known for innovation and ground-breaking technology. We study what’s beneath the ocean floor and seabed using state-of-the-art vessels and equipment, and in-house software. Energy clients use this information to plan ahead, helping us accelerate responsible use of the Earth’s resources. We are committed to treating the environments and societies where we work with respect.

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Stand Number 3